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Landfill Services at Plateau

Plateau Excavation prides itself on acquiring the best technology and team members available. Because of the nature of landfill construction, Plateau knows it is essential to have large, well-maintained, diverse equipment that enable us to meet critical landfill construction specifications and project schedules. Plateau has worked on numerous landfills, performing site work for cell expansion as well as closure projects.

Construction services include: excavation, blasting, capping, dust and odor control, structural fill, recompacted clay liners, waste relocation, waste hauling and placement, storm water pollution prevention, cover work, synthetic liner installation, aggregate drainage liners, leachate collection systems and force mains, and gas extraction piping.

Plateau Excavation’s successful landfill experience inspires the trust our customers invest in us with each project. From municipal waste facilities to power plants across the Southeast, you can count on our proven experience and performance for your next construction project.

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