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Father’s Day Feature -Brad Freeman, Site Manager

Father is one of the most exceptional titles a man can hold, and these heartfelt features about some of the fathers at Plateau, shared by their children who work alongside them, embody the Plateau Excavation culture.

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.” – Antoine Francois Prevost

Happy Father’s Day Brad Freeman, Site Manager of 7 Years at Plateau

Father’s name, Title, and Years at Plateau Excavation

Brad Freeman, Site Manager, 7 Years

Child’s name, Title, and Years at Plateau Excavation:

Jeremy Freeman, Estimator, 5 Years

How did your father influence you to get into the industry / join the Plateau family? 

My dad has worked in the site industry for many years and has always been my biggest influencer, so therefore, I’ve always wanted to follow in his footsteps.

He has shown me how great the Plateau Family is and that there is a lot of potential for growth within the company.

How would you describe your dad’s role? How he works? 

He’s a hard worker who pays attention to detail and has great leadership skills!

What’s your favorite memory with your dad?

One of my favorite memories with my dad is when we went to the Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament together, which was my first live golf event.

What’s your favorite part of working with your dad / at the same company? 

My favorite part about us working at the same company is that we get the opportunity to help the company grow together with our hard work and dedication.

If you could describe your dad in one word, what would it be?