People, Quality Craftsmanship & Innovation

With a strong foundation built on people, quality craftsmanship, and innovation, Plateau Excavation has become a leader in tackling advanced, large-scale and complex site development projects. With over 500 satisfied clients spanning more than 40 years, Plateau Excavation has developed into one of the Southeast’s largest and most technologically advanced premier site infrastructure improvements contractors.

Our comprehensive experience has given us extensive knowledge in site development and helped us become an industry-leading pioneer in the development of data centers, e-commerce distribution centers, commercial and warehouse construction.

Plateau is the team you can trust.

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Lee Patrick Quotation: This is our brand, point of pride. This is what raised our families and this is what many of us have spent our lives promoting.

Mission Statement

To move the Southeast forward through innovative infrastructure and site development solutions.


We move earth. It’s what we do. But where and how much are constantly changing. Founded on people, quality and innovation, we are incessantly striving to keep our mission in focus – and growing – ever stronger. The future demands of critical infrastructure projects will require innovative thinking and emerging technologies. Plateau Excavation has the vision, people, and fleet to meet those demands head on.

Values – People, Quality & Innovation

  • People – While moving earth is our business, building relationships and trust is equally important. It’s why we constantly look for ways to do and be more for our employees, communities and customers.
  • Quality – We go above and beyond excavation and grading by delivering the highest quality solution to every project from pre-construction planning and safety on the job site to on-time and in-budget completion. We don’t just strive to be the best; we deliver.
  • Innovation – We are meeting the future of infrastructure head on — investing in new equipment, technologies and services — and preparing to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Our vision is simply to be the leader in the Southeast in innovative infrastructure solutions and earth-moving work while staying true to our roots and grounded in our core values and principles.

Our Team Makes the Difference

At Plateau, we believe our team is our greatest asset because we believe in our employees.

The comprehensive expertise of our pre-construction and project management teams, along with the proven experience of our driven and hardworking field teams, enables us to solve complex construction challenges and successfully meet client expectations. But it doesn’t stop there. At Plateau, we all work together to see the final project come to completion. Our leadership takes active roles in managing, leading and implementing all projects.

I would like to take the time to recognize Rick Hall, Fidel Velasco, and the Parks brothers on the exemplary job that they did on the Busch Commerce Center project. The job was manned and equipped very appropriately and well thought out. Fidel’s ability to foresee issues and maintain production (even during the rainy days) was very impressive and seemed almost effortless! During the six months of grading, safety was always viewed as top priority. Fidel held a safety meeting every morning and was never late with his weekly safety and JSA reports. Rick and Fidel never hesitated to go above and beyond, and we all often relied on the skill, speed, and experience of the Parks brothers to make things happen quickly. It has been a pleasure working with them and I look forward to many more opportunities!
JEFF MORRIS, SuperintendentEvans General Contractors

Partnering with Clients at Every Step and Beyond

One of our key strengths is our ability to partner with our clients from the beginning of their development projects. We work differently than other companies. We build relationships that help us anticipate their long-term needs and develop customer-centric solutions.

We believe that our role is never fully finished. From site selection through turnkey construction, Plateau Excavation is here to serve clients for the long haul. We go where our clients go.

At Plateau Excavation, we take pride in the ability to adapt to a dynamic marketplace and continue to remain proactive in an ever-changing economic environment. Through our core values and comprehensive work ethic, we have earned a reputation that inspires organizations to request us by name. Further, we continuously make advancements in technology and equipment to ensure we serve our clients’ needs and protect our environments around the project sites and beyond.

Our Size Makes the Difference

We excel at the largest, most complex site development projects but are nimble enough to handle smaller ones.
We have more horsepower and resources to move more dirt and rock.
We have developed entrenched relationships with blue-chip companies, general contractors and developers.
We offer the capabilities to deliver a comprehensive suite of technical client solutions to projects with aggressive scheduling.

What you can expect from the Plateau Excavation Team:

  • Careful pre-construction planning
  • Prudent management
  • Honest dependability
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • High-performance equipment
  • Lasting relationships
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Safety at Plateau 

Target Zero – No Accidents.

Safety on the jobsite is vital to our success at Plateau Excavation. We believe in Target Zero, a program aimed at individual responsibility for our safety. We go above and beyond to ensure that safety is our number one priority. From employing a full-time Safety Director to maintaining an industry-leading EMR rating, our commitment to safety shows.

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Building Our Future

Plateau recognizes the importance of implementing sustainable infrastructure development. Utilizing advanced technology and innovation along with smart planning at the hands of our pre-construction team and project managers, Plateau Excavation is able to build a better future.