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Safety Is at Our Core

At Plateau Excavation, safety is deeply engrained within our culture. We utilize a Safe and Sound approach, which aligns all of Plateau toward our goal of an injury-free work environment. Through our Safe and Sound approach, safety is more than a discussion; it’s a core principle which allows the employees to make the right choices for their well-being.

Being Safe and Sound is based upon:

    • Commitment: Safety is a core value – never sacrificed!
    • Empowerment: Employees should feel empowered to stop an operation if they see something wrong or believe it may be unsafe.
    • Communication: We are committed to continual communication about individual roles, responsibilities, and working safely each day.
    • Accountability: We believe in reinforcing positive behavior and holding our employees to a high standard.
    • A Safe Workplace Through Sound Practices: We plan safety into our operations daily. On a continual basis, we are evaluating our projects for potentially hazardous conditions, and if found, they are corrected immediately.
    • Training: We provide the necessary training for our managers, supervisors, and employees. With this knowledge, they are able to make the right decisions, and they are educated about their tasks and the potential hazards.

Our Commitment to Safety Runs Deep

Being part of the Plateau team means working in industrial construction sites or sites where rock blasting and excavation may be taking place. Heavy machinery, loud noises and hazardous materials require exceptional safety attitudes and measures. In order to best fulfill our commitment to safety, Plateau Excavation employs a full-time Safety Director and staff who work with Executive Management and the project teams to build and create our successful safety culture and program.

Safety at Plateau is not about a rule or regulation. It is about protecting all of our employees and the communities that we work in. To highlight some of the additional aspects of our safety program, we firmly believe in using:

Leading Indicators

Supervisors and Managers perform daily safety observations and audits to track trends so we can implement plans and procedures to prevent potentially hazardous conditions in the future.

Daily Safety Briefings

On-site, daily JHA meetings are held to communicate the condition of the job site, site-specific hazards and tasks to be performed that day. This allows us to put procedures in place to mitigate the hazards.

Vehicle Telematics

All company-issued vehicles are equipped with a GPS unit that tracks speed, harsh driving events and location. Upper management receives email notification for each event and addresses it with the driver.


Employees receive training in OSHA 30 hour, Trenching and Excavation, Confined Space, Silica Exposure, CPR and First Aid, along with on-the-job, hands-on training with a member of our Safety Team or supervisor.

Our safety record is proven; we continually reduce our incident rates, and our EMR rating is 30% better than the national average.

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Plateau’s Safety EMR Rating

What is an Experience Modification Rating (EMR)?

EMR, or Experience Modification Rating, is a system used by insurance firms to gauge the cost of worker’s compensation insurance premiums based on past injuries and future chances of risk. The average rating of EMR in the construction industry is 1.0. Plateau Excavation’s devotion to safety is backed up by our above-average EMR rating.


Our EMR Rating

What our people are saying

Every year we focus on ways to improve our safety from pre-construction planning to on-site meetings each and every day.

Ryan Duke

Vice President of Construction