Plateau Excavation

Fun for the Family – Free “Dirt Work” Activities

Dirt work isn’t easy work. It can be long hours. It can be hot. It can be cold. It can be daunting. But it’s vital. The younger generation should grow up understanding that this work is impactful. This work is meaningful. This work builds a future.

So what better way to inspire the younger generation than showcasing the industry with fun activities for the family. Below we’ve compiled a list of fun, free activities that you can share with your kids and family. We hope this not only brings some fun and joy to your family, but it allows you to showcase work that you do.

Caterpillar offers some fun and free activities for kids and families online on their site. Here are a few of our favorites.

Other fun activities include:

For over 40 years, Plateau Excavation has operated in a family-centric environment. We are thankful for our Plateau family and their families.

While our vision is simply to be the leader in the Southeast in innovative infrastructure solutions and earth-moving work, we stay true to our roots and grounded in our core values and principles.