Plateau Excavation

Grading, Sitework and Utilities

What is Grading?

Grading in construction, typically called site grading or sitework, refers to the act of ensuring a level base or getting a specific slope on the land. This is an essential part of site preparation, which needs to be done before construction begins.

When grading the land, the construction team sculpts the surface to get the desired result. Generally, grading is necessary to ensure a level base for the structure. However, it’s also used to produce specific slopes on an area.

The primary objectives of site grading include:

  • Ensure a proper drainage system
  • Get the property’s desired aesthetics
  • Reduce environmental impact by ensuring water runoff and reducing erosion and pollutants
  • Comply with any relevant local rules, restrictions, and regulations.


If the land isn’t graded properly, the building may have structural issues, differ from the original architectural concept, affect drainage, and even cause a negative environmental impact. For most construction projects, land grading is essential to ensure construction safety and that the project yields the desired results.

What goes into sitework?

There are many steps that go into place to ensure a land is graded properly.

  • Erosion Control
  • Excavation
  • Fill Compaction
  • Excavation to Onsite Stockpile
  • Blasting/Crushing
  • Curb Installation
  • Base stone placement
  • Asphalt/concrete installation
  • Striping
  • Final Clean Up

What underground utilities are put into place?

  • Storm water installation
  • Sanitary sewer installation
  • Water installation
  • Duct bank installation

We understand the critical planning surrounding difficult site and soil conditions, aggressive scheduling deadlines and multiple phasing and construction activity requirements associated with large, complex projects. As the largest site work contractor in the Southeast, Plateau Excavation has earned a reputation of delivering large-scale industrial projects on budget and ahead of schedule. Plateau has built our team with the most experienced and knowledgeable members of the civil construction industry.