Plateau Excavation

Plateau People – Curt Hale, General Superintendent

With a strong foundation built on people, quality craftsmanship, and innovation, Plateau Excavation has become a leader in tackling advanced, large-scale and complex site development projects, but it is our people that truly make the difference and have moved the company forward.

How many years have you been at Plateau Excavation?

  • May 1st will mark my 9th year with PEI.


What’s your job title?

  • General Superintendent.


What exactly do you do at our company?

  • I help our foreman/superintendents manage the manpower and equipment, as well as the means/methods we utilize to deliver a top-quality finished product on time and within budget. Additionally, I work closely with the customer’s field supervision team to ensure my crews provide everything needed for the project’s success.


So far, what has been your favorite project?

  • It’s difficult to single out one favorite project. Every job has its less enjoyable aspects, but so far, the pros have always outweighed the cons on every project.


How would you describe your team or the people you work with?

  • Almost everyone you meet here shares the same enthusiasm for coming to work every day, and my team is no different.


What advice would you provide to someone interested in getting into this industry?

  • Show up every day looking presentable with everything you need to sustain yourself. Ask to operate a haul truck and pay attention to everything. Off-road truck drivers get to see every aspect of a site work project, so there’s no better place to learn. But most of all, be patient. When you’re new, the supervisor won’t take a seasoned operator out of a seat because you think you can do better or because you want to learn. Be on time with a good attitude and do what is asked of you. When the boss knows you can be counted on, you’ll get your turn. A career in the site work industry can provide stability, an above-average income, and opportunities for advancement.


What is your favorite aspect about your job, Plateau, or the industry?

  • Every day is a new challenge. Like the old saying, the more things stay the same, the more they change. The broad range of personalities in this industry keeps things interesting too.


What drew you to Plateau originally?

  • Gary Duke has sold or sells heavy equipment to the majority of companies in the greater ATL area, so he has to know quite a bit about each company, such as their finances, culture, stability, etc. When I learned that both his sons worked for Greg Rogers (I assumed because of Gary’s advice), I knew that was the place to be if you were in the earthmoving industry.


What is something unique about you (a fun fact) that few people are aware of?

  • Fun fact… I would love to be a country music singer.