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Plateau People – Ricardo Pina, Safety & Health Manager

With a strong foundation built on people, quality craftsmanship, and innovation, Plateau Excavation has become a leader in tackling advanced, large-scale and complex site development projects, but it is our people that truly make the difference and have moved the company forward.

Ricardo Pina, Safety and Health Manager
  • How many years have you been at Plateau Excavation? 2 Months
  • What’s your job title? Safety and Health Manager
  • What exactly do you do at the company?  As an excavation Safety and Health Manager, I oversee safety protocols, ensure compliance with regulations, conduct risk assessments, develop safety procedures, investigate accidents/incidents, and promote a culture of safety on-site.
  • So far, what has been your favorite project? This is my first project at the Meta site in Social Circle, GA, so it holds a special place as my favorite because it marks the beginning of my journey within the company. It’s here that I’m actively learning and developing my skills and knowledge in the field, laying the foundation for my growth and progression. 
  • How would you describe your team or the people you work with? The whole team on site has been nothing but supportive and essential in my growth on the site. They’ve patiently explained tasks, helped me understand our work environment, and developed the skills I need to succeed.
  • What’s your favorite aspect of your job, Plateau or the industry? My favorite aspect of the job is the opportunity to directly impact the well-being of my coworkers by ensuring their safety on a daily basis. Additionally, I appreciate the continuous development opportunities provided by the company, allowing me to grow both personally and professionally over time.
  • What drew you to Plateau originally? I was drawn to this company because I wanted to venture into a different industry—one where I knew there was ample opportunity for growth and development. Seeing how much my family members enjoy working here only fueled my excitement to join the team and be part of this thriving environment.
  •  If you could be any machine, what would you be?   I’d like to be an excavator machine because of its power and precision. It’s satisfying to shape the land and tackle tough terrain, playing a vital role in construction projects.
  • What is something unique about you (fun fact) that few people are aware of? I am an artist, especially photography and drawing. I’ve completed two years of fine arts at Georgia State University. 
  • Anything else to share? I’m very thankful and grateful for the opportunity to work at Plateau. I’m excited to continue my journey with the company and learn the ins and outs.