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Safety Tip: Focus on a Construction Site

There are few things more important on a construction site than focus. Employees must stay focused on the task they are performing at all times. This helps ensure that incidents and injuries are kept at a minimum. Below are a few things that directly correspond with staying focused on a job site; if they are completed, high-quality focus can be achieved.

Engagement: Keep employees engaged in their work by creating personal relationships and creating interest in their work. Reiterate how important safety is while a job is being performed. It is easy to get comfortable doing the same task repeatedly, and that is when accidents happen. Staying engaged with the work being done helps contribute to staying focused on the job.

Safety Meetings: Completing daily JHA and weekly TeamBook meetings helps employees focus on the safety hazards associated with their jobs. Keeping safety at the front of everyone’s mind with these meetings is very important.

Culture: A healthy work environment makes it easier for employees to stay engaged and focused. If employees feel appreciated for doing their work safely and on time, they are more willing to remain focused on their job.

Lack of Focus: Lack of focus on a job site can lead to more frequent accidents. Most incidents on a job site are caused by the employee losing focus on what they are doing. Equipment damages, utility strikes, and injuries can be reduced significantly when employees stay engaged and focused.

“Happy New Year to everyone! Looking forward to a great 2024. Make sure you discuss this with your employees and coworkers. It’s essential that everyone is re-focused and aids in ensuring everyone goes home to their families daily.” – Joseph Dudley, Safety Director.