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Safety Tip: Tool Safety

Tool Safety

Hundreds of thousands of workers are injured yearly due to mishandling or misusing tools on construction projects. Tools must always be used as they come from the manufacturer. We must never change the tool in any way. As with any action on a job site, stay focused while using tools to complete your task safely.

Proper Use of Tools

  • Use the correct tool for the job you are performing.
  • Inspect your tools before each use.
  • Keep tools in good working condition.
  • If a tool is damaged or inoperable, tag it out of service and do not use it until maintenance has been performed and the tool is back in working order.
  • Leave the safety guards that come on the tools in place.
  • Store and carry the tools properly.
  • The employee must be adequately trained for the tool they are using.
  • Wear proper PPE for the tool you are using.
  • Only use a tool for the purpose they were designed to be used for.

It’s hard to believe that we are already in March. We are ramping up on several new projects and getting into drier weather. Please make sure that we take the time every morning before work to discuss the tasks for the day, hazards associated with the task(s), and ways that you will mitigate the hazards. Make sure all employees are engaged and provide input. This is very important to the safety and overall success of the project. Thanks for all you do daily; let’s all stay focused, have zero incidents, and have a safe March.  – Joseph Dudley, Safety Director