Plateau Excavation

Vendor Spotlight – Ashley Sling

A Description of Our Business:

Ashley Sling, a division of American Equipment, stands as a premier leader in the wire rope and rigging industry. We fabricate and distribute below-the-hook lifting products with four locations in Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbus (MS), and Knoxville. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality lifting products and services while serving as a valuable resource of rigging knowledge for our clients.


Services We Offer:

At Ashley Sling, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our offerings include the fabrication of various slings such as wire rope, web slings, round slings, alloy chains, and more. All are customized to project specifications for safe and efficient lifts. Ashley Sling’s knowledgeable staff can work with your crew to develop the best sling or lifting product for your project. We also offer sling protection, fall protection & safety products, hoists, hardware, and many more rigging products.

Additionally, we offer services such as repairs, inspections, load testing, and training. In industries such as Plateau, there is a lot of wear-and-tear on rigging products. Repairs are an efficient way to fix chain slings and save a little money in the long run. Our Training, which can take place on-site or in our facilities, is the best way to support your crew and ensure they safely use the lifting products.


What We Do for Plateau and Sites:

Ashley Sling works with many of Plateau sites to primarily assist with Plateau’s pipe laying crews. Plateau and the Territory Manager at Ashley Sling will work together to establish what is being lifted, the size, weight, and any other determining factors to choose the best rigging for their lift. The slings are then carefully fabricated in our facilities and delivered to Plateau’s sites. Our Territory Managers often visit the sites to ensure the rigging works well for the crew.


Locations Served:

While our primary focus is on serving companies in the southeastern United States, we extend our services wherever they are needed. Currently, we are actively involved in Plateau projects in Cartersville, Buford, and soon Montgomery.


Years in Business:

With 32 years of industry experience since our establishment in 1992, Ashley Sling has built a reputation for excellence and reliability in the rigging industry.


Relationship with Plateau:

Ashley Sling has a strong working relationship with Plateau. Our headquarters and Plateau’s are neighboring in Austell, which makes working together incredibly simple, with individuals from Plateau often visiting to discuss their rigging needs and upcoming jobs. Rather than hiring delivery services for the products, our Territory Managers often deliver the rigging themselves to ensure the products arrive quickly and to further assist Plateau’s team.


About Our Territory Manager:

  • David “Buck” Handley, Territory Manager
  • 19 Years of Experience

Buck provides invaluable sales and support for customers within specific regions, leveraging extensive rigging knowledge to benefit our clients.


About Our Marketing Manager:

  • Julianne Jordan, Marketing Manager
  • 5 Years of Experience

As the Marketing Manager at Ashley Sling, Julianne is dedicated to promoting our brand and ensuring our clients receive exceptional service and support.


In conclusion, Ashley Sling remains committed to delivering superior lifting products, expert services, and unwavering support to clients like Plateau. Our dedication to excellence and collaboration underscores our mission to enhance safety and efficiency in the rigging industry.