Plateau Excavation

Vendor Spotlight – IronAge


Description of Our Business:

At Iron Age Office, we handcraft sophisticated, industrial-style office furniture, built to last a lifetime. Our mission is to revive craftsmanship in the USA. #MadeInAmerica


Services We Offer:

Iron Age Office provides a range of services to cater to our client’s needs:

  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Custom capabilities
  • Design services, including floor plans and renderings
  • Domestic shipping
  • Customer support

Our goal is to be the premier choice for office furniture within the construction industry.


What We Do for Plateau Excavation and the Process:

Our expertise extends to crafting powerful office furniture, including for Plateau Excavation’s workspace. From our headquarters in Kennesaw, GA, we distribute our products nationwide, ensuring quality and durability wherever they’re needed.


Years in Business:

9 years


Relationship with Plateau Excavation:

Collaborating with Plateau has been a pleasure. We hold immense admiration for the Plateau team. We appreciated the friendly, and open communication throughout. Transparency is key.


About Sean Dineen, Our CEO and Owner: 

  • Years with the Company: 9 years

Sean Dineen doesn’t just lead Iron Age Office; he plays a hands-on role in collaborating with you directly to conceptualize your office furniture and workspace environment. With a keen eye for detail, Sean ensures a personalized experience for every client, prioritizing the customization of your workspace to meet your unique needs.


About David Peck, Our Marketing Manager and Content Creator: 

  • Years with the Company: 4 years

David conducts all of Iron Age Office’s marketing and advertising efforts, overseeing everything from website management to the execution of marketing campaigns. He handles photography, videography, video editing, and social media management to ensure a cohesive and engaging brand presence.

Favorite Project So Far:

Coincidentally, our experience with Plateau and Murphy Myers has been a recent highlight. The ability to customize and create showstopping works of art has been creatively fulfilling. We believe the new HQ will be a truly memorable space.


Advice for Those Interested in the Industry:

Stay true to your craft.  If you possess something truly unique and unparalleled, chances are high it will thrive. Innovation doesn’t always mean starting from scratch; sometimes, it’s about enhancing what already exists.