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Vendor Spotlight – Walthall Oil Company

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A Description of Our Business:

At Walthall Oil Company, we specialize in helping companies achieve their maintenance, reliability, and performance goals by providing top-quality fuels and lubricants in industries ranging from construction, mining, site work, power generation, pulp and paper, general manufacturing, and more. As an award-winning ExxonMobil Distributor, we have serviced the southeast for over 72 years and adapt our offer to our customers’ ever-changing needs.


Services We Offer:

We offer various services, including commercial fuels, lubricants, training, fuel tanks/equipment, and reliability services to esteemed clients such as Caterpillar, Georgia Pacific, Toyota, and General Motors.


What We Do for Plateau and Other Customers:

We offer custom fuel solutions to help our customers meet project deadlines. Specifically for Plateau, we help ensure that operators spend less time fueling their machines and more time in production. We are part of the project planning process, staging fueling equipment safely in the correct places to drive project efficiency. We wirelessly monitor all fuel levels, provide budgeting tools during the estimating process, and help keep machines running.


Locations Served:

We proudly serve the states of Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida, with six bulk plants strategically located in Atlanta, Macon, Camilla, Savannah, Jacksonville, FL, and Newberry, SC. In addition, our ExxonMobil network, similar to Caterpillar, can provide a consistent offer across the country, no matter where the customer is located.


Years in Business:

With 72 years of experience, we have honed our expertise and built strong relationships with our clients, including Plateau.


Relationship with Plateau:

Our relationship with Plateau can be described in one word: strategic. Fuel is critical to Plateau’s operations, and we understand that. We aim to improve every day, and that attitude serves Plateau well as we aim to always drive efficiency and give more production time back on the job while protecting the machines. If companies like Plateau want to get the most out of their equipment, they need to partner with strategic companies like Walthall to provide the best quality fuel, oil, oil analysis, proper filtration, and regular maintenance to keep their fleet running smoothly.

We are as busy as our customers are. It has been rewarding to watch Plateau’s success, and I’ll never forget my first meeting with them… it was over a Wendy’s cheeseburger at Greg’s desk as he was so busy, he couldn’t even step out for lunch. Since then, we have worked to earn our shot at every project, bringing valuable new ideas to the table while expanding our friendships, getting to know each other’s families, and watching the team grow.


Insights from Wesley Walthall, Vice President of Sales:

As the Vice President of Sales at Walthall Oil Company, I have been with the company for 24 years, starting at a young age and continuing full-time after graduating from UGA in 2010. My role involves helping my team and our customers get the most out of every day. We are always working to improve, both personally and professionally, which allows us to help solve problems that most of our customers may not have known they even had. In addition, I lead our sales and reliability organizations, facilitate acquisitions, and support strategic customers like Plateau alongside our award-winning team. One of my favorite projects has been working with SK Battery. This project provided new challenges for both Plateau and Walthall, and we all rose to the occasion!

Our team is laser-focused on our customers and how we can do the best possible job in our designated area so that our customers can achieve their goals. One of the best compliments we can receive from a customer is, “I didn’t have to worry at all about fuel for this project!” Our relationship with Plateau contains a healthy dose of transparency and proper communication so that we are all working together to achieve the goals of a safe project within budget.


Advice for Industry Enthusiasts:

My advice to those interested in the industry is to focus on the existing and future needs of your customers and then craft your offer and operations around that. Too many companies boast about the number of trucks or warehouses they have, which takes the focus away from the customer. At Walthall, we learn about the customer, their industry, their existing, future, and unknown needs, and then craft our offer around that.

In conclusion, our dedication to excellence, strategic partnerships, and customer-centric approach at Walthall Oil Company set us apart in the industry. We are committed to helping our clients, including Plateau, achieve their goals and drive success in their operations.