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Vendor Spotlight – Yancey Bros. Co

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Yancey Bros. Co. proudly serves as the exclusive Caterpillar dealer and service provider for the state of Georgia. With over a century of experience, they offer comprehensive solutions in earthmoving, power generation, and on-highway equipment through sales, service, and rental services.

Services We Offer:

  • Earthmoving equipment sales, service, and rental
  • Power generation solutions
  • On-highway equipment support and maintenance

What We Do for Plateau and Sites:

At Yancey Bros. Co., our partnership with Plateau goes beyond just providing equipment. We are committed to ensuring machine uptime at the lowest cost of ownership. Our dedicated team works closely with Plateau daily to ensure their equipment runs smoothly, providing prompt parts and service support. Together, we collaborate on creative solutions with a sense of urgency, guaranteeing project success.

Location Served:


Years in Business:

Celebrating 110 years of service this year.

Relationship with Plateau:

We consider our relationship with Plateau as that of teammates. We take pride in being part of their team, providing solutions to help them grow, and ensuring mutual success.

Zach Walden, Key Accounts Manager:

  • Years with the Company: 10 years
  • Responsibilities: Leading the relationship with Plateau to identify and source the most cost-effective machines for their business.
  • Favorite Project: The SK Kingston job, which expanded our experience and challenged us to excel.
  • Advice: The construction industry offers diverse opportunities for growth and learning. Embrace the industry’s variety and seize opportunities to contribute and grow.

Rocky Winkles, Key Accounts Product Support Representative:

  • Years with the Company: 20 years
  • Responsibilities: Leading the relationship with Plateau to manage the mobile equipment fleet and ensure high uptime with the lowest cost per hour.
  • Favorite Project: The SK Kingston job, a significant project that pushed the limits of our team and provided invaluable learning experiences.
  • Advice: Hard work and dedication are key to success in our diverse industry. Take pride in your contributions and the positive impact they have on Georgia’s growth and prosperity.

In conclusion, Yancey Bros. Co. remains dedicated to providing exceptional equipment solutions and support to partners like Plateau. Our commitment to excellence and teamwork underscores our mission to drive success in the construction industry.