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Women in Construction: Lisa Jones, Operations Administrator – Florida

WIC Week™, or Women in Construction Week™, celebrates and promotes the role of women in the construction industry and takes place during the first full week in March every year.  It is a time to highlight all the great initiatives and work of women within the industry. Likewise, it is a time that brings attention to opportunities that are available to women in construction. This year’s theme, ‘Keys to the Future’, celebrates the strength and knowledge of women and the vital role they play in shaping the future of the construction industry.

We are proud to feature and spotlight the women who are part of the Plateau team. 

Lisa Jones: Operations Administrator – Florida

  • How long you’ve been at Plateau? 27 years (with Dewitt Excavation) since 2016 with the Plateau acquisition
  • Why did you choose this career/industry? Like many women in construction, I followed in my family’s footsteps. Growing up in the Heavy Highway Construction Industry, I loved all the “Big Tractors & Dump Trucks”. Watching the projects go from flat land, heavy woods & greenery to large buildings, roadways & interstates was always fascinating. I love driving through Florida & seeing projects we’ve built from the underground up. The changes I’ve seen through the years have been remarkable!
  • What do you enjoy most about your job/industry? This industry has amazing people & I love my job. Some people may say too much, lol! Construction is unique, and it’s a team effort. No one person builds a building or a roadway. It’s a collaboration of a bunch of talents, skill and personalities. We are one big family & I’m proud to be a part of it!
  • What is your advice for other women in the industry or wanting to get into the industry?  Being a woman in construction, your work ethic, mental toughness and knowledge are constantly being questioned, underestimated and put to the test. Being underestimated gives you the advantage of having the element of surprise. You get to show people what you’re actually capable of. Developing confidence is a process, but through hard work and experience, you can strengthen your belief that you bring value to the table. Don’t hesitate to throw an idea out there. It may just be what the team needs.

“Lisa is always helpful and willing to step in to get whatever needs to be done, done.”