Hyundai SK Battery


Hyundai is partnering with SK Battery to build a new battery plant in Bartow County, bringing 3,500 new jobs to the county.

Project Description / Details

Hyundai Motor Group and SK On are following up on their MoU regarding cell supply for Hyundai electric cars made in the USA. The carmaker has now announced the construction of a joint battery plant with SK On in Georgia, a state that has been scoring e-mobility contracts lately.

Hyundai and SK On have selected a site in Bartow County, which is 45 miles north of Atlanta and 65 miles south of Chattanooga, Tennessee (where Volkswagen is building electric cars). Production will start in 2025, and the partners have not disclosed planned capacities.

Officials say the new facility will be one of the most significant economic development projects in Georgia history and will invest approximately $4 to $5 billion into Bartow County.

Plateau Excavation started this project with over 200 pieces of equipment on this 600-acre site, earthmoving over 14 million cubic yards. Alongside the earthmoving operations, the project encompasses a range of site development activities, including the installation of 60,000 linear feet of storm drain and 64,000 linear feet of wet utilities. Plateau also crushed 75,000 tons of rock onsite to save costs and placed 800,000 tons of GAB (Granular Aggregate Base) for the project. Additionally, they placed 5,550 tons of lime, 1.1 million square yards of soil cement, and poured 156,000 linear feet of curb and gutter.


Additional Details

Service Type: Industrial, OEM

Location: Kingston, Georgia

Additional Project Details:

  • 14 million cy of material moved in less than 6 months
  • 600 acres